How to Install the Electric Butterfly Valve

Flange is the common part to connect valve and pipe.How to install the flange valve in right way,here some instructions to share with you.

1.The pipe flange and pipe centerline vertical and flange bolt hole error should be within the allowable value range. Valve and piping center line are consistent and then to be installed.

2. When tighten the bolts,the wrench should match with the nut.If use hydraulic and pneumatic tools to tighten, be careful not to exceed the specified torque.

3. Connecting the two flanges, first of all to make the flange sealing surface evenly pressed with the gasket, thus ensuring the same bolt stress on the flange connection.

4.Fastening the flange to avoid uneven force, you should do in accordance with the order of the symmetry and the direction to tighten the screw.

5.After installation,all the bolts and nuts should be confirmed fastening evenly.

6.In order to prevent the vibration caused by loose, gaskets should be used. In order to avoid high temperature adhesion between the threads, threaded parts should be coated with anti-adhesive installation

7. For high temperature valves above 300 ℃, the flange bolts, valve cover fastening bolts, pressure seals and packing gland bolts must be tightened again.

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